Voltron Season 9 – Cancelled or Coming?

Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

Completion of a popular TV show can be challenging to approve. Nonetheless, a surprise renewal of a brand new season may happen by various distributors. Yet, contrary to this common pattern, different points of view, and internet reports. The fact is that Voltron Season 9 would certainly no longer be returning with the 9th season on the Netflix system. In this article, you would certainly find why “Voltron: Legendary Protector” will not stream its 9th season on Netflix.

The “Voltron: Legendary Protector” is an internet tv collection of Netflix Original where some unwary young adults become part of an expansive intergalactic battle. After getting carried from the Planet, they become the pilots of robotic lions throughout the fight for protecting the whole world from wickedness. Via real stamina of team effort, they learn to unify and go through the formation of the magnificent warrior named “Voltron”. The first season of this series was launched on the 10th of June, 2016. As well as, the 8th, also known as last season, came on the 14th of December, 2018.

Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

The reason that the 9th season of “Voltron: Legendary Defender” will not release?

In between the initial season of “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and the last season, there are a total of 78 episodes that were launched on Netflix. For that reason, the previous 13 episodes have ended the storyline of this popular series. Nonetheless, Voltron, created by DreamWorks and inspired by the renowned Japanese mecha franchise, is just one of the most successful web tv animated collections of Netflix.

Complying with are the reasons why Netflix is not all set to bring back the 9th season of this vibrant collection:

  • Netflix had used a massive initiative for representing the LGBTQ+ community in the Netflix Original contents as well as this method is also real for the computer-animated materials of Netflix. The “Voltron: Legendary Protector” has included different LGBTQ+ characters throughout the various seasons, such as Curtis, Shiro, Adam. But, not every customer was satisfied with the means via which this show has stood for the LGBTQ+ characters. Most notably, the method they have depicted the relationship between Shiro as well as Adam.
Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

The audiences heavily slammed the relationship of Shiro and Adam. However, more conflict came up when in the series, Adam was killed off. Some visitors believed that it was a regular stereotype storyline on Netflix. Eventually, a gay individual like Adam gets buried. The on the internet reaction was extremely strong. Also, even the exec manufacturer of this internet tv collection, Joaquim Dos Santos, even apologized for such a discussion to the followers.

Controversy On Voltron Season 9

Along with the stereotyped portrayal-related dispute, there was another complicated evaluation regarding how the show attempted shoehorning in a wedding event scene between Curtis and Shiro. Lots of customers implicated the front of managing simply a publicity stunt by including this approach. Later on, both Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery confessed that the wedding event sequence consisted of an “olive branch” in the nick of time for the LGBTQ+ area.

Additionally, the program is radioactive even now for its controversy relating to the portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community. Consequently, if the show returns with a 9th season with the very same image of the community, DreamWorks, South Korean Studio Mir, Events Manufacturing, and Netflix would be essentially encountering a PR catastrophe.

Why different Voltron 9 Season followers are angry?

Many followers are disappointed with the 8th season of the show because they think that the story is disrupted for quite a long season. Also, they feel that there’s a consistent absence of psychological flow, personality advancement, and compassion in the tale. Several followers also think that the story began to degenerate with its fourth season. Nonetheless, it picked up slightly in the sixth season. But the 8th season was again a disaster because not a solitary personality had any satisfying end.

Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

Voltron Season 9 Cancelled or Coming

Voltron Season 9’s launch in December 2021 is a report

Different information websites are reporting on phony release dates of this prominent Netflix collection. These are 100% rumours, and also, Voltron season 9 isn’t due to return in December 2021.


  1. Is Voltron getting a season 9?

When the 4th season of Voltron was released, it additionally turned up that Netflix had committed to removing 78 episodes of this prominent internet tv collection. And, with the 13 episodes in the 8th season, Netflix has satisfied the quota of 78 episodes. Therefore, it’s uncommon that Netflix would certainly launch any more episodes of Voltron.

  1. Exists a Voltron film?

The news of a Voltron Live-action film has been churning in the Hollywood sector for virtually a year. Universal owns the film rights and is currently going through some exploratory growth. But there’s no confirmation about whether or not they have finally committed to making this flick.

  1. Will there be a season 9 of Voltron?

The show joggers of “Voltron: Legendary Protector”– Montgomery and Dos Santos are known to move to some new projects. As a result, it’s not likely that the Voltron season 9 would be launched at any time quickly. As well as, even if it obtains released in the future, the imaginative group would certainly be various after that.

  1. The number of seasons of Voltron exist going to be?

“Voltron: Legendary Protector” includes eight seasons. With 13 episodes in the last season, there is an overall of 78 episodes in this series. And also, Netflix is not likely to release any more seasons of this internet television collection whenever soon.

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