UFC 260 results, highlights Sean O’Malley knocks out Thomas Almeida to pick up bounce-back win

UFC 260 results, highlights Sean O'Malley knocks out Thomas Almeida to pick up bounce-back win

Francis Ngannou entered the Octagon for the main event of Saturday’s UFC 260 occasion, already thought about the most been afraid demonstrator in the sport. By the end of the night, he turned in a work of art, knocking senseless Stipe Miocic with a ruthless collection of strikes that left Miocic unconscious and Ngannou as UFC heavyweight champ.

The champion victory enabled Ngannou to close a phase of his job, having lost a title fight with Miocic in 2018, a loss that he said made him a better fighter. He showed that development in the Octagon 3 years later on, quickly avoiding the takedowns of Miocic to establish his crushing last strikes. It likewise may provide Ngannou with some tranquillity about his rough upbringing as a kid. He claimed in a pre-fight interview with ESPN that winning the belt was something he felt he needed to fill a hole left in him through those struggles in Cameroon.

” I don’t discover it fun to discuss [my childhood years],” Ngannou stated. “It’s not satisfying. For me, it’s sad. I constantly appreciate individuals when I sit around and also see individuals, good friends or someone else, speaking about their youth, their buddies when they were kids, all the important things they were doing, their animes, type of like the society. I feel like those are the missing parts of my life, and regardless of what I do, I can’t fill it up. That’s why in some way, I’m still attempting to handle that childhood year. Winning a UFC belt for me would certainly be my way to respond to that, would certainly be my method to show those individuals that, well, after all, I had not been negative.”

While the ko was savage in motion, sometimes an image can capture a moment when a video can not. With that said, allow us to look at a few of the final minutes of a fight that satisfied Ngannou’s desire.

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