Top 14 Wedding Gift Ideas 2021

wedding gift idea

Undoubtedly, times have changed, so have wedding gifts.

And those who have been through it, know that It is a really big deal to choose the perfect wedding present! You need to keep so many things in mind that you feel utterly confused. Taking care of the wedding couples’ preference is equally important as staying on your budget, right?  Yes, there are those wedding gift registries that often help guests through the process. But that is not a foolproof strategy either because often items sell out.

Considering that, here are listed some tried-and-true gifts always loved by newlyweds as well as new items that couples are going to add to their registries. This list will surely come in handy for you!

1. Air Purifier for Health Conscious Engaged Couples:

air purifier for wedding gift

This is one of the most requested items on registries and you can pick the newest model from a reliable brand. Pick one that has a more compact design still come with an activated carbon filter and high-performance HEPA filter. Some also come with a smart mode that adapts to their surroundings and real-time monitoring.

2. Instant Pot for the Busy to-be-weds: An Instant Pot is the one kitchen gadget that the newlyweds would love to have to set out their culinary journey. It can be described as an all-in-one pressure cooker, that works as a slow cooker, steamer, and much more.

3. Bar Cart for Booze Lovers: Give a bar cart to stock the couple’s bar. Pick one that combines modern sensitivity with classic function. It should be a piece where one can mix up cocktails and pour wine in any corner of the room. Some items are available that can work as decorative furniture as well. These will surely spice up any space in various ways.

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaners for The New Couples:

Roomba for The Lazy Couples-wedding gift

This award-winning handy cleaning device is surely going to be a hit among couples who just hate cleaning. In fact, who wants to waste time cleaning when a robot does it for you? Not the newlyweds for sure. The latest versions of Robotic Vacuum cleaners come with a mop feature and Wi-Fi as well to control it via mobile.

5. Wine glasses for Wine Lovers: No matter what sort of wine the engaged couple likes to sip, the perfect wine glasses will be a fit for sure. You can pick those mouth-blown, lead-free crystal glasses that maximize the aromas and flavours of all varieties.

6. Coffee Cups or Kettle for Coffee Nerds: Coffee fans, as well as art lovers, will equally appreciate the latest artistic and handy collaboration. Choose something arty so they surely brighten up the morning. If the engaged couple prefers starting their day weighing out freshly roasted coffee beans, they would definitely love a handsome electric kettle that offers a controlled pouring.

7. Toasting Flutes for Big Day Celebration: You can gift a pair of crystal Champagne flutes as well. Choose from the quality crystal stemware featuring iconic pop of bold colour on a clear crystal design. You can give the engaged duo the set before the big day so they can celebrate the day using the stemware when they will officially become married pair.

8. Silver Picture Frame for Classy Couples: Even though traditional, there is nothing as classic as a silver frame! Pick a go-to brand if you want to buy quality silver products or even a silver-plated frame. It will be better to choose a larger size.

9. Stainless-steel Cookware for Cooking Enthusiasts:

Stainless-steel Cookware for Cooking Enthusiasts-wedding gift

You can give them a stainless-steel set of cookware which is in fact, one of those serious must-haves on wedding registries. After all, there is nothing like aluminium and stainless-steel construction. This allows for even heat distribution which is necessary for natural stick resistance and monitoring cooking times. They also seem to last long.

10. Champagne Bucket for Popping Bottles: The celebration remains incomplete without popping some bottles! You can gift them a metal-rimmed hand-blown glass Champagne bucket along with a bottle of sparkling wine.

11. Stand mixer for Kitchen Masters: This is any cooking enthusiast’s favourite! Also, it is another must-have in wedding registries. Choose a mixer that comes with various attachments and can be used to make all sorts of desserts. Also, this is the most convenient culinary device in the house with pasta press, sausage grinder, vegetable chopper, and more.

12. Convenient Leftover Solution: Another practical gift idea indeed. Choose a sturdy, spill-proof set of containers that come in all shapes and sizes.

13. Fold Up Wooden Picnic Table: A couple who loves outdoor activities would definitely love this!

14. Groovy Upgrades for Bathroom: Guest towels are going to be a great option for married couples. You can opt for the timeless zigzag pattern.

Make sure you keep this shortlist since these options are going to come in really handy while buying gifts for engaged couples.

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