The Effect of Lockdown on The Travel Industry

We are going through an unexpected phase of life that nobody has ever imagined. The global pandemic named Covid-19 is showing its effects throughout the world. A virus infection with no vaccines or medicines is putting so many people in trouble every day. It has affected almost all the sectors, citizens, health of people, and so many other things. Nobody has the idea that when all this will come to an end, till then what we can do is to take precautions. The government is making every possible effort to reduce its effect on our lives, but still, the problem is so vast. 

Every day so many cases, even in thousands are increasing on which nobody has any control. Scientists are making efforts towards the development of vaccines, but still, everything is in the process. It is not affecting only a specific area or country; slightly, it is affecting everyone and everything globally. Tourism and travel are also one of the sectors which are profoundly affected by this pandemic. Nobody wants to go anywhere as it is not even safe to go. It is advisable to stay at your homes rather than roaming here and there. 

The lockdown has closed down everyone’s business, livelihood, and so on. People became unemployed due to the loss that the particular sectors are bearing. This outbreak has resulted in a considerable job loss of people employed in the travel sector. As this was the peak time for tourism places, due to vacations, people love to travel to new places. But with this Coronavirus outbreak, nobody is allowed and even if allowed will not go. The risk involved in travelling is enormous, and those who are travelling have to stay in quarantine for specific days. 

The Effect of Lockdown on The Travel Industry
  • Travel and tourism paralyzed: The situation has become worse, and all those who have made their bookings in various countries, hotels, air tickets, or anywhere are now cancelling it. This industry became stagnant and helpless.                     
  • No specific timeline: Almost every industry is affected by the outbreak of Covid-19, but still, some industries are working and serving people. Their business not connected with the movement of people; that is why they are working. Some of them are pharmaceuticals, banking, and the technology sector, and so on. 
  • Same effect for all: The situation of this industry is not limited to only one country; instead, its effects are the same in international countries too. Earlier those who are planning to travel abroad to their dream destination cannot even think to come out of their home situation is this situation. There is no clear-cut idea that when will everything become standard as the situation will also become worse and go to its peak. 

The travel with flight or trains either domestically or internationally is suspended, keeping in mind the Coronavirus outbreak. The journey is restricted entirely, and that is why the travel industry is profoundly affected by the lockdown. What we can do is only pray to get back everything to regular.

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