Logan Paul Talks Wrestlemania Moments and Lays Down a Challenge for Kevin Owens

Logan Paul Talks Wrestlemania Moments and Lays Down a Challenge for Kevin Owens

Logan Paul is an instead polarizing number. The internet personality has numerous terrific followers and an equivalent number of haters. Yet that didn’t quit him from making one of the most out of his WWE appearance at Wrestlemania 37.

While everybody can agree, Negative Bunny was undoubtedly the most effective celebrity wrestler in WWE, with an argument feasible for his efficiency being second to Financial institutions and Belair on night one. That claimed Paul appeared, played his very own personality well and also ate a stunner from Owens, drawing praise for how he sold the step.

When chatting on his podcast IMPULSIVE, Paul confessed there wasn’t much to offer when it came to the action.

” Marketed? Like, I I obtained f * cked up,” he commented before going on to suppress the naysayers asserts that fumbling is always fake.

Paul, after that, went on to lay jokingly, lay down a difficulty for Kevin Owens. “Perhaps one day I will obtain my revenge on you, Kevin Owens; I’m coming for you.”

Logan Paul Had the Time of His Life at Wrestlemania

Logan Paul also admitted that he had the moment of his life at the grandest show of them all. He added that he could not quit smiling as soon as he was backstage after the Kevin Owens– Sami Zayn match.

The remarks from the loudmouthed celebrity cast a positive light on professional wrestling. If his words were anything to go by, he came away with a much more satisfying understanding of what professional wrestling is all about.

Paul is still planning on having his exhibit boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather at some time in 2021. However, conjecture might remain concerning whether we might see Kevin Owens vs Logan Paul at Wrestlemania 38.

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