Lena The Plug Net Worth

Lena The Plug Net Worth

What is Lena The Plug Net Worth?


By 2021, Lena the Plug’s total assets are about 500 Thousand dollars.

Lena The Plug is an American YouTuber and physical fitness enthusiast from The golden state.

She is best recognized for uploading physical fitness video clips on her network ‘Lena The Plug’. Being a case in point of a “poor woman” that culture loves to despise, Lena is known for showing a vibrant picture to her target market.

Early Life

Lena Nersesian was born on the 1st of July, 1991, in California. Her parents are of Armenian descent and also are rather a traditional Christian couple. Lena Plug appears to be their only youngster.

She grew up in Glendale, California and completed her High School education in 2009. Being raised in a conservative family implied that she was not allowed to talk about sex or dating.


Lena was required to doing easy hustles after her college graduation. She operated at a food store, functioned as an Uber vehicle driver and also as a babysitter. Later, she chose to venture right into social media sites and also coordinated advocate versions and clientele of the Social Media start-up she was working in.

She created the ‘Lena the Plug’ network on YouTube in 2016 and began entertaining her followers with health and fitness videos and way of living vlogs. She has posted numerous workout video clips and health and fitness guide videos.

A few of her prominent videos have been; ‘shatter or pass or do not draw …?,’ ‘I wrecked my cars and truck and got a facial,’ and ‘when you look adorable, but every little thing hurts.’

In 2017, she stirred the net neighbourhood when she promised a sex-tape video clip. She posted a video entitled $EXTAPE AT 1 MILL and also promised her fans that she would certainly launch a sex tape of her with her partner if both of them got to a million followers.

Sex sells in the modern-day world– we have seen it with well-known superstars like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton that have obtained their fame from the subject. Her fans no question succumbed to it, and also, her customers shot from 37,000 to over a million subscribers.

By 2021, Lena the Plug’s total assets are 500 Thousand dollars.


Below are several of the very best highlights of Lena The Plug’s career:

  • Lena the Plug YouTube Channel (2016 )
  • 4 Million Customers YouTube (2019 )

Favourite Quotes from Lena The Plug

” I recognize we look all charming and also shed in each other’s eyes, but I’m quite sure we were whispering concerning what we should eat for supper after the image shoot.”– Lena The Plug

” Oops! I’m a charm guru now! (the lipstick on my teeth was intentional. I’m attempting something new. you believe me, ideal??”– Lena The Plug

” 3 years ago, I slid into your DMs as well as you consumed my booty today. We acquired a residence together. Dream huge guys.”– Lena The Plug

” How attempt you attempt to take this angel far from me !! happy for another day with the people I love and also for @chrislongfilms and also @nostalgiav for having my infant’s back.”– Lena The Plug

3 Life Instructions from Lena The Plug

Since you recognize everything about Lena the Plug’s total assets, and also exactly how she accomplished success; allow’s have a look at a few of the lessons we can learn from her:

  1. Change Can Be Great

Life is an adjustment. We shouldn’t resist it. Continuing to be stagnant remains in resistance to the natural order of life. Circulation with modification. Welcome it and concern it as a journey.

  1. Ideas Aren’t Genuine

Every minute of the day, we have arbitrary ideas drifting with our brains. Much of the thoughts are negative and also limiting. You do not need to believe them. They aren’t the truth or the entire reality.

  1. We Can not Manage Others

We desire them to accommodate us and live the method we think they should live.


Lena the Plug is an American YouTuber and also fitness lover.

She is best acknowledged for submitting physical fitness videos on her network ‘Lena The Plug’. She does not bother concerning what society thinks about her as well as this is what makes her stick out from the other YouTubers in the fitness category.

By 2021, Lena the Plug’s total assets are estimated to be approximately $500 Thousand bucks.

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