Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Blackmailer Has Cache of Compromising Photos, Lawsuit Says

Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Blackmailer Has Cache of Compromising Photos, Lawsuit Says

According to a legal action filed by Freedom College versus its previous president, Jerry Falwell Jr.’s supposed blackmailer has jeopardised images and interactions that would certainly be “damaging” to his family.

On Thursday, Freedom University submitted a civil suit in Virginia’s Lynchburg Circuit Court alleging that Falwell broke an employment contract and held back details of a personal scandal from the college. Falwell called the case, which is seeking tens of millions in damages, a “power grab” that’s “loaded with lies as well as half-truths” in a series of tweets on Saturday.

Falwell left his role as head of state of the university last August after a man called Giancarlo Granda affirmed that he had an event with Falwell’s better half, Becki Falwell. Granda additionally accused Falwell of understanding the affair and participating as a voyeur.

The Falwell household admitted the affair but rejected all other accusations and declared Granda had blackmailed the home for cash.

” Granda endangered to use the surreptitious sex-related affection, and also surrounding conduct, to ’em embarrass the Falwells and also Liberty University,'” the suit read. “Granda had collected considerable leverage over the Falwells, as well as, as necessary, they worked to keep Granda pacified and quiet.”

The lawsuit likewise claimed that Granda took racy pictures and also videotaped his call and FaceTime communications with Falwell’s better half “to improve ‘extortion attempts.'”.

” Granda had access to lots of material that might have been deeply harming to Falwell Jr. in the eyes of the evangelical neighbourhood,” according to the match. “Falwell Jr. and Granda both recognised that matters of infidelity, immodesty and also acceptance of a loosened lifestyle would stand in stark contrast to the conduct expected of leaders at Liberty.”.

The university charged Falwell of endangering and harming its reputation by maintaining the affair and extortion a secret. “Despite his clear obligations as an exec as well as policeman free, Falwell Jr. selected individual protection,” the lawsuit specified.

Falwell had a “fiduciary responsibility to disclose Granda’s extortive activities, and also to reveal the possibility for serious harm to Liberty,” according to the lawsuit. It likewise alleged that Falwell worked out a “2019 Employment Agreement that contained a greater salary from Freedom,” which “enhanced the conspiracy of silence.”.

On Saturday, Falwell condemned the university’s suit as “yet one more attempt to sully me and challenge my record following a collection of harsh as well as unnecessary activities against my children, Becki, and also me.”.

” I always abided by the demands that put on every person on the University team. This lawsuit contains lies as well as half-truths, and also, I guarantee you that I will certainly safeguard myself intensely,” he added.

Newsweek reached out to Freedom College for a remark. This tale will certainly be upgraded with any response.

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