How to Connect Alexa to Your Computer

This short article discusses how to use Alexa with either your Windows 10 COMPUTER or Mac. If you have a Windows ten PC, you possibly already have the Alexa app for Windows ten. You can use it alone, or you can attach your Amazon Echo devices to your PC or Mac, also.

Just how to Set Up Alexa for PC

If you have the Alexa app for Windows 10 (or obtain it down the road), you must establish it yourself to start utilizing it.

  1. Select start; after that, select the Alexa on Windows app.
  2. Select setup Amazon Alexa when the arrangement display appears.
  3. Select Advance the Terms display.
  4. Select the setups you want; after that, select Finish Arrangement. If you’re unsure which settings you must pick, do not fret, as you can change these later.
  5. Select Check-in to check in to your Amazon account, or Create a New Account if you do not have an account yet.

Tips After the preliminary login, Alexa is always ready on your computer system.

To utilize Alexa for COMPUTER, begin by claiming the wake word (” Alexa,” “Ziggy,” “Computer,” “Mirror,” or “”) complied with by a command. Additionally, pick the Alexa on Windows icon to start the app.

Note Some attributes readily available on Echo gadgets are not supported by Alexa for PC. For example, you might see your shopping list on your PC, but you can’t edit the listing there. Rather, you should make changes through the Alexa app.

Use Alexa as Your Computer Speaker

If you have an Echo gadget and your computer is Bluetooth-enabled, you can couple them and use your Alexa tool as a speaker for your computer system.

How to Pair a Windows COMPUTER With an Echo

  1. Visit your Alexa account by most likely to
  2. Select Setups in the left pane.
  3. Pick your Echo in the checklist of devices.
  4. Select Bluetooth
  5. Select Pair a New Tool; Alexa will certainly look for readily available tools.
  6. Go to your computer’s Browse box, which might remain in the Start menu.
  7. Type Bluetooth as well as go to the Bluetooth Settings in System Setups.
  8. Make certain Bluetooth gets on, and your computer system is visible.
  9. Select Include Bluetooth or Other Tool; pick Bluetooth under Device Type.
  10. Select your Mirror in the listing of gadgets and select Done. Your computer is now attached to your Mirror as an audio speaker.

Exactly how to Couple a Mirror With a Mac

  1. Log in to your Alexa account by going to
  2. Select Setups in the left pane.
  3. Choose your Echo in the checklist of gadgets.
  4. Select Bluetooth.
  5. Select Set a New Tool; Alexa will search for offered gadgets.
  6. Select the Bluetooth icon in the food selection bar.
  7. Pick a Link and comply with the on-screen directions to establish the tool.
  8. Select Apple food selection, select System Preferences, after that, Select Audio.
  9. Select Output; after that, select your Mirror in the listing of gadgets.

Switch on Your COMPUTER Using Alexa

While you can not turn on a powered-down computer system with an Alexa-enabled device, you can wake your sleeping or hibernating PC. To do so, you require to enable Wake on LAN, set up an IFTTT dish, and attach Tasker with IFTTT through an SMS, your Android device, and a computer.

Enable Wake on LAN

  1. Type Tool Supervisor in the Beginning search box and press Go into.
  2. Double-click Network Adapters.
  3. Double-click the gadget name, most likely to the Power Monitoring tab; pick all the checkboxes afterwards.
  4. Most likely, to the Advanced tab, choose to Wait on a Web link; after that, choose On in the drop-down menu.
  5. Select Wake on Magic Package; after that, pick Enabled in the drop-down menu.
  6. Select OK.

Create an IFTTT Recipe

It would help if you used IFTTT to connect Alexa to Android TEXT.

  1. Visit IFTTT
  2. Select Look, then get in Alexa activate pc.
  3. Select the Alexa, Trigger COMPUTER On applet, as well as enable it.
  4. Enter the phrase you wish to claim to activate your COMPUTER; enter your contact number and choose Save.

Link Tasker and also IFTTT.

Set up the Wake on LAN application and the Tasker app (currently $2.99) onto your Android gadget.

  1. Connect your Android phone to the very same network as your COMPUTER.
  2. Open up the Wake On LAN app and click the + in the lower best edge. Choose your computer from the checklist of gadgets.
  3. Open up Tasker as well as go to the Tasks panel.
  4. Touch the + to include a brand-new task and enter a name for the job.
  5. Touch the + once again as well as select Plugin—faucet Wake on LAN.
  6. Tap Edit and also pick your computer from the checklist of tools.
  7. Go to the Profiles panel, tap the +, after that, select Event.
  8. Faucet Phone, after that Received Text.
  9. Faucet Browse to the right of Sender. Discover and also choose your very own contact info.
  10. Return to the Profiles panel and tap PC On (Or WoL) from the drop-down list.
  11. Make sure the profile is toggled on and also leave Tasker.

When you have all of it established, you can state, “Alexa, trigger COMPUTER on” to wake your resting or hibernating computer system.

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