How to Boost Immunity to Fight With COVID-19?

Every one of us is suffering from the effect of a global pandemic. It has changed our lives in a way that no one has ever imagined. Covid-19 is declared as a global pandemic which is having its impact all over the world. The government and World Health Organization have prescribed some common norms in which we can fight back with this pandemic. These are washing hands, using hand sanitizers, maintaining social distancing, avoid touching eyes, face, nose, and boosting your immune system. It is concluded that the people who are having a weak immune system are more likely to get affected by this virus. 

People who are already in pain from other diseases like heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure is more likely to get affected, and their recovery rates are less as compared to other people. Age is also another factor that causes the death of many people. It is a strict guideline for pregnant ladies, senior citizens, and kids under the age of 10 years to stay in their homes only. But doctors are claiming that if you have a strong immune system, you can fight back with this virus. As still, there is research going on for its vaccines, but the results have not arrived yet. 

So, it is always better to do self-care rather than depending on other factors. Here are some ways with which you can boost your immunity system. Some of them are:

How to Boost Immunity to Fight With COVID-19?
  • Take proper diet: Whatever you eat has its impact on your health, either it is positive or negative. You can avoid consuming fried or oily food to reduce the chances of high blood pressure and eat less sugary food to avoid the problem of high blood sugar. You must consume a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables according to season. 
  • Take sufficient sleep: During this lockdown, we have a good opportunity to improve our lifestyle and our sleeping habits. You must take the required sleep only then you will wake up fresh. Lack of sleep will make you lazy and can add more problems. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated: You must drink sufficient amount of water so that you can stay hydrated. Water will help you to flush all the harmful toxins from your body. 
  • Exercise everyday: you must develop an everyday routine for exercising and yoga. Taking a proper diet is not sufficient; you must exercise every day to stay fit and strong. You can make a habit of exercising any time whichever is convenient for you. 
  • Don’t panic: Some people are spoiling their health just by thinking about this pandemic and its effects. Don’t stress out yourself by thinking about it. Try to be positive and do what makes you happy just by staying home. 
  • Meditation is a good idea: Try to give some of your time to meditation that will help you to get the inner peace of mind. You must quit every bad habit you were previously following like smoking, drugs or drinking, etc. 
How to Boost Immunity to Fight With COVID-19?

So, above are the ways in which you can boost your immunity.

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