High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date And Trailer

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date And Trailer

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 is the upcoming Japanese anime of Netflix initial based on the horror-mystery category. Produced based on a manga with a comparable name composed by writer Tsuina Miura, the very first season of this series was the initial Japanese anime collection that came on Netflix. This series was created by Zero-G, the very same workshop that is in charge of the various other anime series such as Grand Blue, Dive!! Or My roomie is a feline.

The storyline of High Invasion Season 1

High Rise Invasion season 1 begins with some very close calls upon becoming part of the skyscraper worlds. The primary personality Yuri becomes able to develop an ally with Mayuko. This Mayuko is a high-schooler who has knife-wielding abilities.

Yuri’s only goal was to reunite with her brother Rika for the entire first season by preventing the mind-controlled murderous mask-wearers. By defeating these many mask wearers and making good friends with others caught in the same skyscraper world, Yuri slowly finds a new globe that’s feeling the absence of God, and the closer she is to come to be that God, the greater impact and power she would certainly be able to wield.

Furthermore, Rika was likewise searching for his sibling. But, due to some discoveries and fights, Rika becomes a prisoner of the most influential adversary of the high realm, called Mamoru Aikawa. By making use of the capacity of managing masks, Aikawa manipulated the Great Angel mask to assault Yuri and her friends, which caused the death of the Swimmer mask and Kuzuma Aihara.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date And Trailer

The name of the prospect who was closest to be ideal to God was Kuon Shinzaki. She had the amazing power of managing the huge rain run that lay within that city. Also, she became able to ally herself with the Sniper Mask and at some point; these two came to be closer, and Kuon Shinzaki fell in love with the skilled marksman.

Nonetheless, the Sniper Mask uncover his identification in this collection. With the help of Kuon Shinzaki, he found that his genuine name is Yu Makoto. Also, he realises that he shares a close link with Rika, and he wishes that the additional experience would certainly disclose more details regarding him.

What would certainly be the expected storyline of High Rise Intrusion Season 2?

As an Aikawa’s prisoner, Rika would certainly be seen in a dangerous placement. Robust mask users would guard rika. Therefore, Yuri and her good friend would certainly require massive effort for beating the exceptionally strong God candidates. Thus, throughout the process of Yuri becoming the Aikawa, she and Rika can at some point rejoin in the skyscraper realm.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date And Trailer

Additionally, Kuon, as well as Sniper mask, have grown more detailed during the initial season. Together with the Sniper mask showing worry and look after Kuon, as well as Kuon loves him. Therefore, the 2nd season would expose whether Kuon can express his love for Sniper Mask or if disaster would rip away their budding romance.

In addition, in the initial season, Aikawa was seen as the most prominent threat wielding the ability to manage at least 30 masked individuals. Therefore, it’s greater than natural that as soon as Aikawa would be defeated. The visitors would see even more strong God candidates with adequate abilities to measure up to the great Angel Mask.

In season one, both Kuon and also Yuri have confirmed themselves as very powerful god candidates. In season 2, Yuri might have the capability to regulate the Great Angel Mask.

The Release Date of Season 2 of High Rise Invasion

Depending on the amount of time usually needed to produce the second season of an anime series, incorporating lots of various below and calls for Netflix. The audiences would certainly have to wait up until, at the very least late 2020 for the release of the next 12 episodes.


  1. Will there be a High-Rise Intrusion Season 2?

The 2nd season of the Japanese Anime Collection is approaching in late 2022 or 2023. Suppose the program would adhere to the very same trend of season 1; the upcoming season would also consist of 12 episodes. Nonetheless, as the anime has been launched in 2021, it’s too soon to request the next season.

  1. Is High Invasion Completed?

Presently, there’s only one season of this Japanese anime collection on Netflix. But, Netflix has not yet renewed this collection for the following season. However, numerous source states that the anime would last for several future seasons.

  1. Should I see High-Rise Invasion?

High Invasion is a thrilling no-frills flight via a depraved, manic world. It utilises sensible personalities and guidelines to enforce the feeling that a comparable circumstance may occur to you. For this reason, it can be pragmatic and also frightening as well. If you enjoy fascinating activity series and deep ideologies, you can certainly stream it.

  1. That ends up being God in High-Rise Invasion?

At the end of season 1 of the High Invasion series, Yuri, Mamoru Aikawa, and Kuon Shizaki all wind up as exceptionally strong god prospects after a harsh defend future survival. In the 2nd season, the customers present to some more significant god prospects.

  1. What is a perfect god in High Invasion?

The primary objective of this collection is to develop the best brand-new GOD and that person that is selected from a great number of incredibly qualified GOD prospects. These prospects have become better to God, and also, the one who would certainly beat others would become the excellent God with extraordinary powers.

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