10 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Next Office Party a Big Hit!

Organizing an office party is a big challenge. And if you tasked to throw the next grand party in your office, you know that you have to work hard to make it happen. 

Well, it may be the employee appreciation day, a Halloween party, or maybe it is the yearly holiday bash. Whatever the instance, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to throwing a perfect office party.

A party is not only about providing everyone with a treat. There should be fun-filled social event ideas that are unique and different and can take your party to an entirely new level. Your co-workers won’t appreciate having the same boring office party every time. That is why it is going to be a big deal for you to stay one step ahead of their expectations.

What tends to make the arrangement even more challenging is that you have to fix all of it within budget. And we all know that in-office parties, the budget is usually smaller than expected.

Well, relax! Just try to take a deep breath and go through the cheat sheet below. Here are ten grand ideas for your office knees-up celebration. Along with the themes for the staff party, here are some handy tips to make it work. So are you ready for some party-party-yey?

1. Game On!

Including games will make the party more sporty and fun and won’t let people get bored. The fact that offices are moving to distant settings doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice office party fun. You can opt for virtual team building events. It will raise the bar of fun and let people know each other’s hidden talents as well!

office party ideas games

2. Unleash the limitless energy and enthusiasm

Just because you are an adult and you are working doesn’t mean the fun time is over. You can contact an office party entertainment organizing company that will help in bringing out the inner child in you and your fellow employees. You will get a fostering environment (indoor or outdoor) that will help you build a lasting rapport with your fellow employees.

office party ideas energy

3. Healthy Breakfast Party

If you think that the party can’t start before noon, you are wrong! Get your fellow employees some healthy and exotic breakfast options to give a healthy start to the party. At this point, you can contact the local healthy breakfast vendors providing juice, coffee, smoothie, and more.

office party ideas breakfast

4. Spirit award ceremony

This is an idea that will encourage all the employees to dress in their favourite team jersey and gear, irrespective of the sport. Believe it or not, it is going to be a big hit. Of course, you are going to see a lot of football or cricket fans.

office party ideas ceremony

However, there will be rugby, hockey, and baseball fans as well. You can turn it into a sports-viewing party with quality food and drink. Also, arrange an award ceremony where the award will go to the most enthusiastic sports fan!

5. Olympics at the office!!!

You can recreate the Olympic spirit with your version of the Office Olympics! Dedicate the day to the fun featuring events such as interoffice biking, snack-themed skit competition, snack gymnastics, etc. And guess what? This is going be one of the funniest of all the interoffice event ideas. Get creative, and you can utilize those fun office game ideas. That will bring back the Olympic spirit within you and your team!

office party ideas Olympics

6. Flashback to get nostalgic

Corporate party ideas can be funny too, and there is nothing wrong with it. They don’t necessarily have to be boring. Considering this, you can arrange a ‘flashback to your favourite decade’ fun costume party. Fancy dress parties are always entertaining, and mainly this corporate one will come with an irresistible appeal of nostalgia.

office party ideas flashback

Guests will come dressed in fashions from their favourite era prepared to dance to their period-appropriate music. Well, the 60s, 70s, and 80s are quite common. So, opt for something surprizing for people!!

7. Play Games, enjoy Drinks and just chill

Steaks and skeeball will bring your office together. And all of you are going to enjoy quality time. You can choose a sports bar cum restaurant where you can get facilities such as a high food bar, flat screens, and a range of new and classic arcade games.

office party ideas games and drinks

Choose a place that specializes in corporate social event ideas. In such situations, you can meet their event planning professionals who can help you with the entire arrangement. However, before you choose any such places, make sure they can accommodate your crowd size – small, medium, or large.

8. Potluck party!!

You can celebrate the diversity of your team with a potluck party. It will be like paying honour to the cuisines from the employee’s or the team’s home country or state. It does not only give everyone a chance to try different food delicacies. Also, it’s a great way to learn more about the employees you work with every single day.

9. DIY Photobooth is another exciting idea

Photobooths are always a popular hit at any parties even when it is a corporate party. However, they can sometimes get costly. Sometimes the budget is short of renting a quality booth for your next event. No worries. You can effortlessly make one by following some easy DIY steps.

  • Step 1: Create a Backdrop
  • Step 2: Get some props
  • Step 3: Click photos
office party ideas photo booth

10. Install a Slow-Mo Video booth

Don’t you think that everything is funnier in slow motion? If you feel so, installing a slow-mo video booth can elevate the level of fun at your office party. For the setup, create a cabin with a colourful background.

Most of the smartphones come with slow-mo features and even if yours doesn’t, no problem. There are various apps available online. Just download one of them to get your desired effects. Also, remember that props are the keys in this case.

Well, all the ideas mentioned above are just to name a few. Many such office party ideas can raise the bar of fun higher and higher at any corporate party. Just check what you can afford and make arrangements so that you can accommodate your entire team comfortably.

The Best Cricket Bats That You Can Buy

Cricket is India’s most preferred sport, allow us to put in other words that, Cricket is a religion in India with a diety of Gods like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni as well as Virat Kohli. The Indian interest for Cricket is what keeps the world cricket economy moving on. With advocates in every country where Cricket played, India is the undeniable the force which drives Cricket. Along with being the primary vehicle driver behind the Cricketing economic situation, a few of the very best cricket bats likewise manufactured in India

Leading Cricket Bats and also Bat Manufacturers in India.

Cricket needs a lot of devices at a competitive level. Bats, balls and also various other safety gear make playing Cricket a costly affair. However, you can pick the best tools for a sensible cost if you know where to look.

This post is suggested as an overview to purchase a few of the best cricket bats in India online. If you note the top 10 or perhaps leading five cricket bats on the planet, you will discover Indian made bats dominate it. Here, we focus on bats that set you back in between INR 1000 to 4000. Expert cricket bat cost like M.S. Dhoni’s bat can go above Rs. 20,000 or even more. This article indicated for those that are beginning their innings as enthusiastic young cricketers as well as want value for their money.

India is the most significant supplier of cricket goods along with Pakistan. The Indian sporting activities sector based around Jalandhar, Meerut and Delhi. A handful of companies manages it. Sunspareil Greenlands (SG), B.D.Mahajan & Sons (BDM), Sareen Sports (SS), Beat All Sports (BAS) and also Spartan are several of the best cricket bat production business in India and even the world.

Types of Cricket Bats– English Willow/Kashmir Willow & Popular Willow

Tennis sphere cricket and also natural leather sphere cricket have their very own followers in India. These Tennis ball cricket bats are lightweight as well as made from prominent willow sourced in your area. Appropriate cricket bats (natural leather ball cricket bats) made of either Kashmir willow which sourced in your area or English willow sourced from England. English willow bats are more expensive but provide better performance than Kashmir willow bats. For mid to senior level and newbies that appreciate the cost, excellent grade Kashmir willow bats are superior. Serious students, as well as specialists at club level as well as over, should favour English willow bats. Popular willow bats suggested for tennis sphere cricket alone.

There is more segmentation in bats like light bats, heavy bats, the number of grains exists in the blade, what kind of takes care of are utilized, and so on

GM Cricket Bats

Selecting A Cricket Bat– Cost, Weight, Pickup as well as Various Other Things to Try to find

Before you pick the excellent bat for you, you need to inspect the weight, balance as well as a variety of grains on the blade as well as locate a comfy fit.


Modern cricket bats though heavy developed to have excellent equilibrium. A cricket bat needs to have a superb pickup and also when held in proper stance must have the appropriate balance, neither lower heavy or leading heavy.

Wonderful Spot

The pleasant area (the optimal location where the ball should be satisfied) ought to remain in line with your design of play. For Indian problems, sweet places are developed from the center to lower due to the reduced bounce. This is the reason that cricket bats are curved as well as additionally full at the bottom.


The grains on a cricket bat indicate the age of the willow. They are the straight lines that leave the face of the cricket bat up and down: more grains, older the willow as well as the other way around. An old willow will undoubtedly have lower padding as well as a rebound off the bat, however, will have a much shorter period of knock-in (explained at the end of the article) as well as ready to make use of quicker. But it will certainly additionally have lesser durability. The reverse holds for those bats with fewer grains; they call for more like period the bat, however, will last much longer as well as will certainly have better padding while driving. Preferably, a professional cricket bat must have about 6 to 12 grains with no acnes in the timber.

Best Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Kashmir willow bats are manufacture from willow trees expanded in Kashmir. They are valued under 2000 rupees and also compared to English willow bats, more affordable.

Kashmir willow bats are best suited for natural leather (Cricket) ball and also hard tennis sphere play.

The bats mentioned here are natural leather (Cricket) sphere bats and perfect for novice to mid-level club players.

DSC Condor Scud Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Dwayne Bravo (Chennai Super Kings all-rounder) and also Jason Holder of West Indies, Colin Munro of New Zealand, Moses Enriquez are a few of the international gamers who utilize DSC brand bats.

SS Heap Camouflage 2.0 Kashmir willow cricket bat

The list of worldwide players utilizing or have made use of the SS Load brand of cricket bats is fairly lengthy as well as includes M.S. Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Shikar Dhawan from the here. And now Indian team and also Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Shewag as well as Gautham Gambir from the past.

SG RSD Spark Short Handle Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Cricketing tales such as Sunil Gavaskar, Mohammad Azharuddin and also Rahul Dravid and even present gamers like Shane Watson, Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant usage or have utilized SG bats.

Buyer’s Guide How To Choose Cricket Shoes

Choosing new cricket shoes must be considered one of the most amazing parts of cricket buying!

Making the right option is essential and exceeds merely selecting the correct size. There are a few factors you require to take into consideration when choosing the right shoes for you, which will assist you to play the beautiful game of cricket with confidence

1. Size.

Of course, the appropriate dimension is critical.

You don’t wish to have your shoes too limited that it triggers discomfort, nor as well huge that you can’t enter into a complete stride without having your footwear fly off. These days, with the increase of online buying, one can pick the best-sized shoe even without attempting them on.

2. What surface areas will you be playing?

Will you be playing on artificial or turf pitches?

For synthetic pitches, right rubber footwear is essential for hold. This is particularly crucial when dirt or dampness from the outfield ends up on the ball. Regular sports sneakers or running shoes can use very swiftly, specifically for bowlers.

For turf pitches, you will need spiked shoes.

See precisely how the dimension of your footwear is not the just important factor?!

Cricket Shoes

3. Your Function as a Cricketer.

Are you a batsman or a bowler? Or both?

If you are a batsman, half-spiked shoes are the best choice. Longer spikes can explore the turf surface area, which can limit your footwork significantly. Your footwork requires to on factor against both pace and rotate bowling, and if your shoes don’t make it possible for good footwork, it will hurt your video game as well as confidence.

For bowlers, you need the supreme grip, and as discussed, excellent cricket rubber footwear is necessary for synthetic surface areas. On lawn tracks though, complete cricket spikes are the way to go, offering you full grip via your shipment stride as well as a follow-through. Likewise, footwear that provides additional support around the ankle joints is a great selection, mainly if you are a high-impact fast bowler.

For all-rounders, light shoes with the possibility to transform from full to half spikes when necessary are essential!

Right here is much more information on the specifics of cricket shoes:

  • The “Upper”: Top of the footwear. If you understand your dimension, you ‘d know that a little bit of area is significant to cater for influence and also reduce the impact on your toes.
  • The “Outsole”: Part of the shoe that makes straight contact with the ground. The surface area you play on plus your cricketing role is critical.
  • The “Midsole”: Layer in between outsole as well as insole, which gives a crucial pillow. This is specifically vital if you are a bowler.
  • The “Sock Lining”: Additional supporting around the heel and ankle areas. This is once again important for bowlers, specifically if you have a high-impact activity.

4. Your Budget plan.

A budget plan will certainly help limit your options.

If you are dipping into a high level, or intend to be the best gamer you can be at any degree, do go for a more upper spending plan shoe that offers an optimum level of efficiency, when possible.

But, in some circumstances, lower budget plans work better. For instance, if you are getting shoes for your 11-year-old child, going with a pricey alternative is not excellent as your kid is expanding and will likely need new shoes in a year or 2’s time.

Hopefully, these four tips help you choose the ideal cricket footwear to assist with your performance!

Batting Pads Buyers’ Guide

SELECT THE RIGHT BATTING PADS Batting pads or leg guards are considered a vital part of a cricketer’s attire and exist to protect a batsman’s shins, knee as well as part of the lower upper leg. Most of the cricket pads have three Velcro straps to firmly fasten the safety equipment to every limb, protecting the batsman from lower-body damages from a hardball. Contemporary leg guards manufactured using stable, lasting and also ultra-light synthetic products like PVC, PU and even high-density foam not just to deliver excellent security, yet to provide comfort and marginal levels of fatigue. Cricket pads previously made from cotton, foam and cane wood strips covered by white fabric, that made them extremely heavy and influenced adversely on a batsman’s endurance. Leg guards have had to adjust to the modern game, not only by ending up being much lighter; however, also providing more excellent overall protection.


The face of the cricket pad is generally segregated by upright areas, which permit the pad to infold the leg. Typically, this section would certainly consist of a walking stick shaft as well as shock soaking up cushioning material. The knee role not only offers ample security for the knee yet also allows you to bend and also flex forcefully at the joint. The top hat refers to the flappy location over the knee role, which protects the lower upper leg. Due to the amount of muscular tissue surrounding the femur bone, the stovepipe hat provides only restricted security. Top of the variety cricket pads comprises of wings which supply more defence to high threat locations around the side of the leg. Wings do not feature on more affordable ambidextrous batting pads that designed to suit both right-handed as well as left-handed batsmen. Velcro bands have displaced leather straps with metal fastenings, giving more convenience as well as a lighter specification. The instep secures the lower shins and also ankles, and also is strengthened to stop damage when rubbing versus the batsman’s footwear. Additional internal padding is included in some batting pads to increase protection and also convenience, while extra strengthens advertise air circulation.

Cricket Pads


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is an artificial plastic that is viewed as a cheaper, lighter and also even more flexible alternative to leather. However, trouble in reusing this compound has seen a reduction in its exercise as PU (Polyurethane) has grown in appeal, providing comparable top qualities but higher recycling choices. Many of the shock-absorbing high-density foams have made use of PU. HD foams are an obvious choice for cricket pads as a result of their extremely reduced weight and also capacity to provide outstanding shock absorption. Making use of walking stick has been released in cricket pads throughout cricket background yet is now marginalised to lower-end items. At the same time, fibreglass sometimes contributed to supply greater rigidity. Synthetic fibres like Kevlar or Normex are renowned for their excellent strength-to-weight proportions as well as shock absorption top qualities, which either give support or displace walking stick rods. Remnants from the cotton market are likewise made use of as an affordable way of adequate protection.

BATTING PAD PURCHASING IDEAS More expensive batting pads tend to supply greater influence security and shock absorption levels will certainly advertise more excellent movability as well as endurance at the fold as a result of lighter requirements, and will offer improved ventilation. Some cricket shots need a lot of bending– such as the sweep shot– and may be hard to perform with oversized cricket pads. While it is appealing to purchase huge younger batting pads that your daughter or son will undoubtedly turn into, oversized leg guards may restrict their motion, negatively influence their endurance at the fold and ultimately reduced their efficiency levels.

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