The 5 Most Valuable & Most Expensive Coins On The Market Today

Money is a tool that we use to identify the value of any commodity. Each note or coin has its face value. The people can trade cash for products in the process of purchasing of good.

Although there are very few coins that become more valuable than their face value. It happens because they are immensely rare and old.

Here are the five most rare and old coins that the history ever gave us with their current market value.

 5. Edward III Florin 1343 -$6.8 Million

The 1343 Edward III florin is one of the oldest and rarest coins in our list. It is known as a         Double Leopard. Two of three were first found in the River Tyne in 1857, while the third coin was sold for 460,000 pounds at an auction in the summer of 2006, after being discovered by a metal detecting enthusiast in February of that year in the south of England. The coin is currently valued at 6.8 million.

Edward III Florin 1343 $6.8 Million

4. The Brasher Doubloon 1787-$7.4 Million

 Forged by the goldsmith Ephraim Brasher, the 1787 Brasher Doubloon almost wasn’t made. His coins mostly minted in bronze, but some minted in 22-carat gold. It depicts an eagle with Brasher’s initials on the wing and today remains one of the rarest coins in the U.S. It sold to a Wall Street investment firm for a cool $7.4 million, one of the highest prices ever paid for a gold coin.

The Brasher Doubloon 1787

3. The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle 1907-$7.6 Million

This coin sold in the auction for 7.6 million. This Double Eagle coin designed for Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The design for this coin was very complicated, and it created a problem for the United States Mint that how can the mint produce such a coin. So only a limited number were provided. So this makes the coin very rare and valuable.

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle 1907

4. The double Eagle 1933-$7.6 million

 The 1933 Double Eagle also forged in denominations of $20. There are well over 440,00 Double Eagles that have minted with the 1933 date, but none of them released into circulation. Due to the fascinating history surrounding the 1933 Double Eagle, this coin is another one of the extraordinarily rare ones on our list.  A 1933 Double Eagle was sold in 2002 at an auction for a whopping $7.6million.

5. The Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar 1974/5-$10 Million The 1794/5 Flowing Hair Dollar was the very first dollar coin ever issued by the U.S. Federal Government. It sold for $10 million in January of 2013, which means the value may have risen since one of these coins last bought. Due to this, it remains one of the world’s most valuable coins. There are three types of the Flowing Hair Dollar in all: one has two leaves, one has three leaves, and one has the Silver Plug. Of these three types, the silver plug is worth two times more than the leaf versions.

The Flowing Hair Silver Copper Dollar

6 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Should Be Clean and Tidy

There are plenty of reasons – all of which I will get to in a bit – why it is important to keep your kitchen clean at all times. If the part about germs and all that biology jazz does not bother you, then at least the economic role of things should. A clean kitchen will save you money, not to mention, it is the socially correct thing to do.

kitchen cleaning services

No, I am not advocating an obsessive clean up routine; a few crumbs are usual, but overflowing garbage and a pest infected kitchen can result in adverse effects to your health and wellness. Let us take a more in-depth look at the top reasons why you should ensure your kitchen is clean.

A clean kitchen prevents foodborne illnesses

This is easily the most significant hazard with having an unclean kitchen. Spoilt food and cross-contamination can transfer bacteria and germs into your diet. Some of the necessary precautions you should include using separate knives for meat and vegetables, washing your hands well with antibacterial soap if you get into contact with meat and keeping your countertop and sink clean.

But like I mentioned above, these are just the basics.

To put this issue in perspective, date out of the America Centres for Disease Control says that the US handles seventy-six million foodborne illness hospital visits. This is a frightening stat from any angle.

Some of the most common culprits are Salmonella, E Coli, and Listeria, but there are plenty of others that carried through to the household by unsuspecting humans. These include hepatitis A virus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Shigella sonnei and rotavirus.

Children are more susceptible to the diseases carried by these germs and pathogens, but adults can experience severe risks too. If you have kids in your household, this is more of a reason to have a clean kitchen.

Entertain guests without any embarrassment

Whether you intend to bring guests to your kitchen or not, it is quite natural for guests to gravitate towards your kitchen, either to see what is going on or make conversation while you are cooking or check if they could lend a hand and help you with the preparations.

Do you want them to leave with stories about how they opened the fridge to find mould covered cheese and cockroaches scuttling in the corners?

Be prepared for the unexpected by keeping a spotless kitchen that is presentable to anyone who visits.

Your appliances will last longer

The kitchen of any house will surely have more appliances than any other parts of the house. These include the food processing machine, toaster, and range hood; all of which perform more efficiently when they are maintained. Regular maintenance will lengthen the lifespan in addition to the efficiency. For example, an uncleaned vent will gather dust over time, blocking the exits and forcing the appliance to run harder – using more power – to do the same task it used to do. Furthermore, this leads to higher temperatures which in turn shorten the lifespan of the appliance, heat the battery and cause fires. Simply wiping your devices every week can go a long way in extending their lifespan. Moreover, a clean kitchen will sooner or later lead to a tidy one, reducing the possibilities of tripping over wires, short circuits and other electrical faults.

You can handle food in a more efficient manner

An uncluttered kitchen makes it easier to have a valid food maintenance plan in place. As you already know, certain types of food can go wrong pretty quick, and by keeping an eye on things (an uncluttered area makes it easy to do this), you reduce diseases, odours, and prevent cross-contamination from food that has gone bad.

Your refrigerator and cupboards are the top two places to monitor. Cleaning the surfaces of spilt, rotting food can stop the growth of bacteria and avoid drawing in pests like cockroaches. Instead of waiting till the next holiday to start cleaning – by which the pests would have already descended on to your kitchen! – cleaning every week can keep things tidy.

A clutter-free kitchen increases your safety

A clean kitchen is more than just a matter of aesthetics; it is about staying safe too. For instance, drips of butter on the floor can cause someone to slip while those oil slicks on the burner could be the reason for the neighbourhood’s next house fire.

To put things in perspective, a kitchen is the only spot in the house where water, heat, fire, electricity, and knives come into contact with each other, and by ensuring things are tidy and organized, you can keep order and ensure everything is safe.

Nobody plans on starting a kitchen fire, dropping water on an electric output or a knife on somebody’s foot. A tidy kitchen can help prevent any unforeseen calamity.

It is more accessible to attend to your cooking chores

Cooking gets much more comfortable when all your things are out of your way. Just imagine coming to fix a quick dinner and finding the day’s dishes on the countertop and the salad debris from the morning in the sink! You will have to spend an hour cleaning and keeping away things before you can clear up space to get to your main task.

Now imagine your kitchen is neat. You walk in for dinner, put together a quick sandwich, and you are done in under thirty minutes! By getting into the habit of cleaning regularly, you can keep your frustration down and reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. If your place is in complete disarray, a better course of action might be to seek a reputed professional cleaning company who can give your kitchen and all its items an entire spring clean. Starting from zero gives you a significant benefit; it is easier to maintain a kitchen that is completely clean rather than trying to keep a messy kitchen that is long due to a deep clean.

Event Venue Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

Be it a musical festival, a wedding or a garden party; it can neither start nor end without a good event venue cleaning. If you are an event manager or a homeowner who is planning to take the complicated job upon yourself, then here are a few things that might make the task more straightforward for you.

Event Venue Cleaning
  1. Make a plan ahead of time

If you plan to collaborate with a professional cleaning service, then you need to give them a tinkle and have a thorough discussion at least a few weeks before the event. Discuss date, time and charges with extra attention. However, if you are doing it on your own, you must start prep at least a month earlier. Order equipment online or visit the local stores. Stock up on a variety of cleaners. Remember, different surfaces require different filters. Gloves, cleaning rags, bin bags are a must-have before you start. Once all the material gathered, make a plan about where you want to start from and handle one or two areas per day.

  • Take aid

If it is an open venue like a lakeside or huge garden or farmhouse, then you will need some extra help in case you plan to do this on your own. Often these areas will have an overgrowth of weed and grass or have trees growing in awkward positions. You might have to get them chopped off and mowed at first. Use a combination of leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners and your gloved hands to strip the area off of dry leaves, plastic, tins, cans etc.

  • Go disposable

You can reduce your time to spend on doing the dishes the day after the party; then the best solution is to go with disposable cutlery. Avoid plastic cups; instead, go for cutleries made out of natural fibres like bamboo.

  • Place enough bins

Give your guests or audience the chance to keep the area as clean as possible. Place as many containers to dump garbage in the area as it can hold comfortably. Position the bins smartly. Generally, the spot around the food, drinks and snacks corner needs the most number of containers and attention.

  • Plan disposal and removal

Contact a waste management company beforehand so they can come and collect the waste from the venues after the party gets over. You can avoid the hassle if you are getting the job done by professional event cleaners.

If we are completely honest with you, then the monumental job of cleaning out the event venue can be quite overwhelming for amateurs, and is best left to professions for the following simple reasons –

  • It saves you a lot of money
  • It will save you a lot of time and allows you to focus on planning the event
  • The cleaning job is done with precision and efficiency by experts
  • You do not have to worry about waste removal or disposal

So, if you are planning an event, our number one advice would be to contact a professional cleaning service provider first.


In the contemporary world Technology is the primary reason for bringing in comfort into people’s daily life. Smartphones have made the life of the people much comfortable and more accessible. Smartphones are communication gadgets that provide great functionality and usage to people. It has improved the standard of living of the people, and the Technology has seen a massive expansion.



Technology is seeing a significant change every day. Because Technology is merely to meet the demands of humans who took the initiative to make things advance to make their lifestyle updated and simple. In today’s contemporary society, you can witness the role of smartphone’s in establishing a new and advance channels across seas and borders. It has made a lot of effort at people’s convenience, and it also has significantly transformed the mode of communication. Rather than just saying smartphones are sophisticated means of communication, it can be considered more as a tool which makes our life comfortable and relaxed.


With the help of smartphones, people believe and feel that they better positioned to interact with people who linked to different social media. Smartphones are unique and accessible for the applications they support. Mostly all of the people prefer smartphones due to the advantages they get through media platforms. Social media’s show you a unique avenue to execute things at the right time.

Social media and smartphones have been critical factors in the offering.

  • Learning and career growth.
  • Business development.
  • Social responsibilities and personality development.
  • The better way to communicate with people.
  • Opportunity to learn new things.

By getting connected to social media’s, help them to improve them in all aspects. It provides a new avenue to interact with many people and also help them to get better ideas. It builds up a strong bond in your professional life, helping you to grow higher in less time or quick time.

Any advancement integrates in its positive and negative impacts. Smartphones, without any doubt, are a perfect means of communication. It’s enjoyable to use smartphones, rather than become succumbed to the usage of smartphones and its applications. Smartphones made to use positively, but it is also essential to change a society that runs only with less manual interaction and prefers smartphone usage ultimately. People’s standard has improved, and it is an excellent means of support for people to march fast along with the advancements. In the end, the usage of every smartphone depends on his owner, so make sure your smartphone choice right now!!!

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