Event Venue Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

Be it a musical festival, a wedding or a garden party; it can neither start nor end without a good event venue cleaning. If you are an event manager or a homeowner who is planning to take the complicated job upon yourself, then here are a few things that might make the task more straightforward for you.

Event Venue Cleaning
  1. Make a plan ahead of time

If you plan to collaborate with a professional cleaning service, then you need to give them a tinkle and have a thorough discussion at least a few weeks before the event. Discuss date, time and charges with extra attention. However, if you are doing it on your own, you must start prep at least a month earlier. Order equipment online or visit the local stores. Stock up on a variety of cleaners. Remember, different surfaces require different filters. Gloves, cleaning rags, bin bags are a must-have before you start. Once all the material gathered, make a plan about where you want to start from and handle one or two areas per day.

  • Take aid

If it is an open venue like a lakeside or huge garden or farmhouse, then you will need some extra help in case you plan to do this on your own. Often these areas will have an overgrowth of weed and grass or have trees growing in awkward positions. You might have to get them chopped off and mowed at first. Use a combination of leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners and your gloved hands to strip the area off of dry leaves, plastic, tins, cans etc.

  • Go disposable

You can reduce your time to spend on doing the dishes the day after the party; then the best solution is to go with disposable cutlery. Avoid plastic cups; instead, go for cutleries made out of natural fibres like bamboo.

  • Place enough bins

Give your guests or audience the chance to keep the area as clean as possible. Place as many containers to dump garbage in the area as it can hold comfortably. Position the bins smartly. Generally, the spot around the food, drinks and snacks corner needs the most number of containers and attention.

  • Plan disposal and removal

Contact a waste management company beforehand so they can come and collect the waste from the venues after the party gets over. You can avoid the hassle if you are getting the job done by professional event cleaners.

If we are completely honest with you, then the monumental job of cleaning out the event venue can be quite overwhelming for amateurs, and is best left to professions for the following simple reasons –

  • It saves you a lot of money
  • It will save you a lot of time and allows you to focus on planning the event
  • The cleaning job is done with precision and efficiency by experts
  • You do not have to worry about waste removal or disposal

So, if you are planning an event, our number one advice would be to contact a professional cleaning service provider first.

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