Durte Dom, former member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, responds to rape allegation for the first time

Durte Dom, former member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, responds to rape allegation for the first time

Former Vlog Team member Dominykas Zeglaitis, called Duarte Dom, has damaged his silence on the sexual offence accusations made against him.

Last month, Insider’s Kat Tenbarge reported that a woman that appeared in a 2018 video on David Dobrik’s network accused Zeglaitis of rape by taking part in sexual activity with her while she was also paralyzed by alcohol to give authorization. The claimed rape took place the night the vlog was recorded.

Zeglaitis did not react to the claims and quit publishing on social media sites before making a return to TikTok last week.

This weekend break, Zeglaitis attended to the accusations for the first time in a declaration uploaded to an Instagram tale. He apologized to the female who implicated him but said the experience was consensual.

Zeglaitis’s Instagram is set to personal, so you need to follow him to see it.

” It is time to resolve the recent claims that have come out against me. I want to apologize straight to the ladies associated with this incident seriously,” the declaration stated. “With that said being said, as for I am concerned, everything that happened during the evening concerned was entirely consensual.”

He stated several of the declarations that have been made about him are “entirely deceptive” as well as being “unjustly disparaging as well as assaulting my personality and online reputation.” He additionally stated he intends to “lose a positive light” on what took place and “reveal the globe that I am.”

“I lately contributed my time in addition to thousands of bucks to several women’s civil liberties teams to reveal my support for the unjustified as well as unneeded battles that women withstand in our culture daily,” Zeglaitis stated.

Complying with Insider’s coverage on the allegations, Dobrik, the hugely prominent YouTuber as well as Vlog Team leader, released two apology video clips, claiming that he does not “represent any transgression.” He also distanced himself from Zeglaitis and said he quit filming with him in 2019, yet did not offer a reason.

If you are a survivor of a sexual offence, you can call the National Sexual offence Hotline at 800.656. HOPE (4673) or visit their website to get confidential assistance.

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