Cybersecurity Statistics, Predictions and Solutions for 2021

Cybersecurity Statistics, Predictions and Solutions for 2021

In 2020, cybersecurity became more crucial than ever before for businesses all over the world. Adhering to various statistics published across the media, we can see that no person is immune against cyber-attacks: significant players investing greatly in their firms’ cybersecurity, local business, as well as individuals.

Covid-19 pandemic left a significant impact on the general cybersecurity situation.

First, the worldwide lockdown required many companies to shift to a remote job. Cybercriminals made the most of prone home networks. Lots of organizations ran into data breaches at the start of the work-from-home change. As an example:

  • 80% of firms reported a rise in cyberattacks in 2020.
  • The majority of the malware was received from e-mail (94% of cases).
  • At the start of April 2020, Google reported blocking daily 18 million malware e-mails connected to COVID-19.
  • Between January and April 2020, the attacks on cloud services boosted by 630%.
  • The medical care and financial industries were one of the most afflicted ones, as they take care of huge quantities of individual information. As an example, different looks show that:
  • In 2020, 27% of all cyberattacks targeted healthcare as well as financial industries.
  • Initially of February throughout of April 2020, strikes against the banks increased by 238% (when COVID-19 have begun spreading out).
  • The majority of the financial institutions (82%) reported that it is tougher and tougher to combat cybercriminals, as they end up being an increasing number of advanced.

2020 has certainly been a good year for internet merchants. According to studies, Covid-19 has triggered big delivery delays for 36% of customers; the global lockdown made 56% of customers trying a new retailer during the pandemic duration. Also, of course, this was the greatest holiday season in eCommerce history.

On the other hand, much more internet sales cause more cyber-attacks. Of course, shopping platforms have already begun adapting to the present situation. Still, the hackers capitalized particularly at the start of the lockdown duration, launching an extraordinary variety of attacks, intending to take the customers’ information, and making unauthorized transactions. Such assaults consist of bank card fraudulence, malware, phishing attacks, and so on.

Even though the business is trying to adapt to the expanding dangers originating from cybercriminals, cybersecurity experts are not optimistic. Their looks into a program that cybercriminals are altering their way of acting a lot more and are not preparing to slow down. Right here are simply some figures and predictions for 2021, provided by Cybersecurity Ventures:

  • By 2021, Cybercrime is expected to set you back the globe $6.1 trillion each year (greater than twice compared to 2015), making it the world’s third-largest economic situation, after the U.S.A. as well as China.
  • The cybersecurity specialists predict a cyberattack incident to happen every 11 secs in 2021 (4 times greater than in 2016).
  • In 2021, 1st location in the election “The Fastest Expanding Kind Of Cyber-crime” will go to Ransomware. As the worldwide prices brought on by such damages will certainly reach $20 billion (57 times more than in 2015).

Taking into account all the discussed statistics as well as predictions, it is apparent that companies, as well as people, should reassess their cybersecurity methods and approaches completely. So what can all of us do to resist the cybercrimes more effectively?

Empower your Staff Members … with Knowledge.

It has been shown that 90% of cyber-attacks relate to human mistakes. Frequently, people take cybersecurity forgave, as well as a lot of the employees are not also knowledgeable about cyber-attack types as well as risks … up until it is too late. Any staff member, who is not knowledgeable concerning cybersecurity, can reluctantly come down with cyber-attacks, placing your firm and clients in jeopardy. That’s why it is vital to enlighten the employees, especially today when most of them are functioning from house.

So start spreading out cybersecurity understanding today: give your staff members all the essential information concerning cyber risks and also bad consequences brought on by those; organize cybersecurity training sessions and phishing experiments. Stay in control of the process: make your workers make use of just safe software application and strong passwords, discuss to them why they need to get the authorization of the IT division before installing any software program, and also why they may have minimal access to some information, in some cases.

Shield Proactively.

Stopping any damages is always far better than fixing it. Cyber-criminals will frequently browse the powerlessness in your company’s cybersecurity framework, that is why you still have to lead them, detecting an attack before it takes place. This way of thinking will help you to reduce the damage as well as prevent significant troubles. Take all the required safety measures to ensure your data is protected.

Any Back-up Plans?

Looks into a program that many companies did not think of any back-up plans and techniques in case the assailants have succeeded to take the information.

  • Once more, educate your employees: every person should understand his duties in all the possible situations.
  • Regularly control as well as check the whole data stored and also shared within and outside your business’s network.
  • Even though the assaults on cloud storage space have raised significantly, never forget to back up your entire content.

However, exactly how to make sure that the data stored on your computer systems and cloud services is safeguarded … even if it was stolen? The answer is easy. Make it pointless for the burglars!

As we have seen, following all the numbers listed above, your information is ultra-protected not when it can not be breached (because it constantly can), but when unauthorized users can not read it.

Today numerous innovations make information worthless to unauthorized users and safeguard your data no matter where it is kept. For example, Cybervore provides a trademarked breakthrough innovation, which combines authentication, AES 265 encryption, and fragmentation. It is a cybersecurity software called Fragglestorm ™: a safe method where information is encrypted, sliced, or split right into a defined number of duplicated pieces, and just the accredited user has accessibility. This supplies a means to raise information security and also integrity considerably, and ensure a customer’s data privacy throughout any on-premise gadget as well as cloud storage space service.

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