COVID19: A Global Pandemic

The whole world is suffering from the global pandemic named the coronavirus. It has started a long way ago, and the first case of this report on 31st December 2019. Nobody has ever imagined its effects on the people as well as the economy. Till date, there is no recognized vaccine available for its treatment. The number of cases is increasing every day on a big scale. Not only the active cases, but the death toll is also rising. The World Health Organization is analyzing the data and providing advice to the countries, but still, no decrease in cases has seen. 

Current Status

 It has affected almost all the countries, but the impact can be higher or lower as per the conditions or people’s behaviour and cooperation. The World Health Organization announced the coronavirus as COVID-19, a global pandemic. Most of the countries are using lockdown as a measure to decrease the effect of COVID-19, but still, the situation is uncontrollable. Without a proper vaccine or treatment, it is not easy to fight with this pandemic. 

WHO has suggested some standard measures which every citizen must adopt to stay safe, like, you must wash your hands as and when you touch anything; use hand sanitizer if you are away from home; maintain social distancing which is the only mantra to stay safe during a global pandemic. 

All the industries are widely affected, the work has been stopped for three months keeping given the situation pertaining. But now the government is taking steps to unlock the locked areas one by one. Whereas in India, the first case reported on 30th January 2020, in Kerala. All the places which can act as a cluster or hotpot completely locked like malls, schools, temples, etc. during the lockdown period. 

Steps by Government

Earlier in India, the cases were in thousands, but now the situation has worsened, and the facts are increasing to lacs. But soon the country is coming back in momentum with the announcements of unlocks. People advised to maintain social distancing and said to follow all the measures suggested by WHO. India is producing many PPE kits, masks, etc., every day for the people. During the lockdown, only a few industries were working, and the others just stopped. The severely affected industries are travel, airlines, construction, and logistics, and so on. 

Symptoms and Precautions Various symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, difficulty in breathing, runny nose, pain in the chest, etc. The most complicated thing about this virus is that it shows its symptoms after 10-14 days, and during this period if the infected person comes in contact with other healthy people, he will also infect them. It creates a massive chain,­­­­­­ and even one person can affect all the people who meet him/her. So, it is essential to maintain social distancing. The cases of this virus are unstoppable, and we cannot imagine its impact on the economy. We can only pray and can keep and take all the preventive measures to fight back.

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