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Cricket Pads

SELECT THE RIGHT BATTING PADS Batting pads or leg guards are considered a vital part of a cricketer’s attire and exist to protect a batsman’s shins, knee as well as part of the lower upper leg. Most of the cricket pads have three Velcro straps to firmly fasten the safety equipment to every limb, protecting the batsman from lower-body damages from a hardball. Contemporary leg guards manufactured using stable, lasting and also ultra-light synthetic products like PVC, PU and even high-density foam not just to deliver excellent security, yet to provide comfort and marginal levels of fatigue. Cricket pads previously made from cotton, foam and cane wood strips covered by white fabric, that made them extremely heavy and influenced adversely on a batsman’s endurance. Leg guards have had to adjust to the modern game, not only by ending up being much lighter; however, also providing more excellent overall protection.


The face of the cricket pad is generally segregated by upright areas, which permit the pad to infold the leg. Typically, this section would certainly consist of a walking stick shaft as well as shock soaking up cushioning material. The knee role not only offers ample security for the knee yet also allows you to bend and also flex forcefully at the joint. The top hat refers to the flappy location over the knee role, which protects the lower upper leg. Due to the amount of muscular tissue surrounding the femur bone, the stovepipe hat provides only restricted security. Top of the variety cricket pads comprises of wings which supply more defence to high threat locations around the side of the leg. Wings do not feature on more affordable ambidextrous batting pads that designed to suit both right-handed as well as left-handed batsmen. Velcro bands have displaced leather straps with metal fastenings, giving more convenience as well as a lighter specification. The instep secures the lower shins and also ankles, and also is strengthened to stop damage when rubbing versus the batsman’s footwear. Additional internal padding is included in some batting pads to increase protection and also convenience, while extra strengthens advertise air circulation.

Cricket Pads


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is an artificial plastic that is viewed as a cheaper, lighter and also even more flexible alternative to leather. However, trouble in reusing this compound has seen a reduction in its exercise as PU (Polyurethane) has grown in appeal, providing comparable top qualities but higher recycling choices. Many of the shock-absorbing high-density foams have made use of PU. HD foams are an obvious choice for cricket pads as a result of their extremely reduced weight and also capacity to provide outstanding shock absorption. Making use of walking stick has been released in cricket pads throughout cricket background yet is now marginalised to lower-end items. At the same time, fibreglass sometimes contributed to supply greater rigidity. Synthetic fibres like Kevlar or Normex are renowned for their excellent strength-to-weight proportions as well as shock absorption top qualities, which either give support or displace walking stick rods. Remnants from the cotton market are likewise made use of as an affordable way of adequate protection.

BATTING PAD PURCHASING IDEAS More expensive batting pads tend to supply greater influence security and shock absorption levels will certainly advertise more excellent movability as well as endurance at the fold as a result of lighter requirements, and will offer improved ventilation. Some cricket shots need a lot of bending– such as the sweep shot– and may be hard to perform with oversized cricket pads. While it is appealing to purchase huge younger batting pads that your daughter or son will undoubtedly turn into, oversized leg guards may restrict their motion, negatively influence their endurance at the fold and ultimately reduced their efficiency levels.

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