A Tale of Barkha Dutt and Her Two Muslim Husbands

A Tale of Barkha Dutt and Her Two Muslim Husbands

Elderly Journalist of NDTV, 43-year-old Ms Barkha Dutt, whose marriage standing is disputed, is frequently a soft target of gossip mongers.

Nevertheless, on lots of occasions, she has vehemently opposed any step to intrude her privacy whenever her personal life is questioned. Not surprising that she has refuted timely regarding her marriage even as soon as though it has been affirmed that she wed two times which as well to Kashmiri Muslims. (It was two times upgraded on Wikipedia and after that got rid of).

Surprisingly, Barkha also tweeted about it a year back–.

Here’s even more. For the document, I am not married. Yet if I were, whether to a Hindu or Muslim must be irrelevant. Bigoted crap– Barkha Dutt (@BDUTT) June 4, 2014.

Well, realistically speaking that’s correct and entirely great. Besides, we may question concerning her expert life, but we most definitely do not have any civil liberties to examine her individual life. However, this ‘really’ rule Barkha Dutt frequently fails to adapt in her professional life. And also this is precisely the reason individuals have an interest in her ‘exclusive life’.

Ere are some of the stories regarding Barkha Dutt and her claimed other halves:

The First Other Half of Barkha Dutt.

The same year of her marriage is unidentified; however, it is declared that she wed and also divorced a Kashmiri Muslim who is referred to as ‘Mir’. Absolutely nothing is a lot learnt about him other than the rumour that he is a Kashmiri Muslim. So, her first hubby primarily remains a ‘Mr. X’ to everyone. However, according to the gossip mongers, it is particular that he was a ‘Kashmiri Muslim’. Additionally, we have listened to that this marital relationship lasted for only six months.

Advises me of the term ‘starter marital relationship’ where the marriage causes early divorce, and the couple fails to remember ‘it’ entirely as this kind of marital relationship is seen as a kind of the foundation for a succeeding, much more long-lasting marital relationship with different companions. Perhaps this is the reason she never came out in the open as ‘it’ was just a starter marital relationship, you see!

Barkha Dutt’s Second Partner Was Linked to Anti-India Company.

According to another hush chatter, after divorcing Mir, Barkha purportedly began dating and also even wed the economist and Chairman of Jammu and also Kashmir Financial Institution, Dr Haseeb Drabu. Currently, since he remained in the workplace from 2005 to 2010, it is thought that she most likely married him in these years.

He was sacked from his setting in 2010 after an IB Record verified Mr Drabu’s close relations with Hurriyat hardliners and also PDP. The report pointed out that Mr Drabu was sharing confidential information of the financial institution with the two organizations. Currently, since that act of providing essential info to the anti-India company was generally to mess up Indian rate of interests, he was sacked by the Omar Abdullah Government. Reportedly, he likewise expected extra money for Jammu and also Kashmir calling it as ‘Karra’. Next off, he left Kashmir for Mumbai.

He is presently the Jammu and Kashmir Finance Priest as he officially joined PDP in 2015 and even won the 2015 political election with a high margin. Accusations are that Drabu, as well as Barkha Dutt, were individuals who bargained with BJP from the PDP side. According to the gossip, we currently listen to the couple is divorced.

Note: Barkha Dutt has always rejected speaking about her individual life. The post is based upon the gossips and reports that are extensively distributed both on and off the internet.

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