25 Things You Should Do Before Boarding a Plane

Travelling by air can be a stressful experience. With so much to remember and so many details to take care of, it cannot be easy to ensure you take all the necessary steps before takeoff. To help make your journey smoother, here is a list of 25 things a frequent flier recommends you should do before boarding a plane. These tips will ensure that your trip goes off without hiccups, from checking in online to packing important documents.

Download and Use Your Airline’s App

Downloading and using your airline’s app before boarding the plane is a great way to maximize your travel experience. With the app, you can easily check-in for your flight, see the latest updates on your flight status, and even access your digital boarding pass. In addition, some airlines offer extra features such as an in-app chat service with customer service agents or access to exclusive deals and discounts. Taking advantage of these features will make your next flight much more enjoyable.

Get the Airline Credit Card

When you fly, there are many things you need to do before you board the plane. There are a lot of different things that you can do to make sure that your trip is as smooth as possible. It is important to remember that you won’t be able to do everything before boarding the plane. Some things have to be done during the flight. You should also make sure that you get an airline credit card. This card can help you save a lot of money on your trips.

Have a Status Strategy

Before you board the plane, you should get your status strategy. If you’re a frequent flyer, you know the importance of having your boarding pass, passport, and credit card. But it would help if you did a few other things before you board the plane. Have your boarding pass and passport ready to go. Pack your shoes in your carry-on bag or put them in the overhead bin. Pack your liquids in your checked-in suitcase or the overhead bin. Pack your bag with a few days worth of clothing and toiletries. If you’re a frequent flyer, you should ensure your bag is packed with your most important belongings. More information about this topic is located in the Conclusion.

Check Aircraft Alternatives

A lot of people have a fear of flying, but it shouldn’t be this way. It is important to remember that flying is a safe mode of transportation. The key is to be prepared and to have a good time. These 25 things to do before boarding a plane will help you to have a good time. 1. Make sure your airline tickets are in your name. 2. Pack a small bag with all the essentials. 3. Pack your carry-on bag with a second set of clothes if you are delayed. 4. Pack your carry-on bag with snacks and water. 5. Pack your carry-on bag with a book or another way to pass the time. 6. Pack your carry-on bag with an inflatable neck pillow. 7. Pack your carry-on bag with a travel pillow. 8. Pack your carry-on bag with a travel blanket. 9. Pack your carry-on bag with a travel pillow. 10. Pack your carry-on bag with a travel blanket. 11. Pack your carry-on bag with a travel pillow. 12. Pack your carry-on bag with a travel blanket.

Assess Your Seating Situation

Assessing your seating situation when boarding a plane is important for a comfortable flight. It’s important to consider factors such as the size of your seat and how much legroom you have to determine if it will be comfortable for the duration of the flight. If possible, I recommend choosing an aisle seat to give yourself more space and easier access to the restroom during the flight.

Stay Organised

Staying organised before boarding a plane is important for a stress-free experience. First, make sure you have all of your documents, such as your passport and tickets, in one place so that it is easy to access them. Also, lay out your clothes the night before so packing is easier and faster. Finally, pack any essentials like books or electronics in easily accessible bags, so they are at hand when needed.

Check Real-time Reports

Before boarding a plane, it is important to check real-time reports. This will help ensure that the flight is still on schedule and there are no delays or cancellations due to weather or other factors. Reviewing the report can also alert passengers of any unexpected changes in flight plans or destinations they should be aware of before departing. Real-time reports are available on various websites, making them easily accessible for travellers wishing to double-check their upcoming flights.

Remember the Liquid Lowdown

Before boarding a plane, it is important to remember the Liquid Lowdown. This means that all liquids must be placed in containers of 3.4 ounces or less, and all containers must be placed in a clear, quart-sized plastic bag. Additionally, medically necessary liquids may be brought in larger amounts and should be accompanied by supporting documentation. Preparing for the Liquid Lowdown before boarding can help make the security screening process run more smoothly and ensure you are ready for takeoff!

Sign Up for PreCheck; I Already

Signing up for PreCheck is a great idea for frequent flyers. Not only does it provide expedited security screening, but it also allows travellers to keep their shoes, belts, and jackets on during the process. This can save a lot of time and hassle when boarding a plane. Additionally, those who sign up for PreCheck can even bring liquids and laptops through security without having to remove them from their bags. Signing up for PreCheck is easy and can be done online before your flight, so you don’t have to worry about long lines on the day of your departure.

Investigate Security Speed

Before boarding a plane, it is important to investigate the security measures and speed of the airport. Security measures such as metal detectors, bag scans, and boarding procedures should all be considered when planning travel. Additionally, the rate at which travellers can move through security checkpoints is also important in determining the amount of time needed before boarding the plane. Asking friends or family who may have recently flown to the same airport can provide valuable insight into what to expect when going through security.

Size Up Your Bag

Before you board a plane, it’s important to size up your bag. Make sure the load you bring on board is the correct size and weight for the airline’s standards. If it’s too big, you may have to check it in and pay extra fees, or worse; if it’s overweight, you could be denied boarding altogether. Checking the size of your bag before heading to the airport can save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

Gather Your Gadgets

Before boarding a plane, it is important to ensure that you have all your electronic gadgets safely tucked away in your carry-on bag. This includes laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras and any other device you may bring on the flight. It is best to keep these items with you since they are often needed during long flights for entertainment or work purposes. Furthermore, having them on your person will help ensure they stay safe and secure during the turbulence of take-off and landing.

Remove Those Batteries

Before boarding a plane, it is important to remember to remove all batteries from any electronic devices. Hail can easily overheat and cause a fire on board the plane, which is why they are prohibited in carry-on luggage. It is best to put them in checked baggage or leave them home altogether. By following this simple rule, travellers can help keep everyone safe while in the air.

Grab and Go

Before boarding a plane, it’s essential to grab all of your necessary items. This includes your passport, boarding pass, and any other important documents you may need. Also, ensure snacks and drinks that are easy to carry with you on the flight. This will provide a comfortable journey without worrying about buying food during the trip. Lastly, remember to arrive at the airport plenty of time before your flight departs so that you can go through security and get to your gate on time.

Connect for Less

Before boarding a plane, connecting with those around you is always important. Whether buying the person behind you in line a cup of coffee or striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane, these small acts of kindness can help create meaningful connections and positive experiences for all involved. Taking the time to connect before boarding a plane can make both parties feel more comfortable, allowing them to relax and enjoy their flight.

Lounge Around

Before boarding a plane, I always like to lounge around the airport. I’ll grab a coffee at one of the cafes and find a nice spot to sit and relax. I also want to do window shopping or browse the bookstore for entertaining reads for my flight. It’s a great way to take my mind off the stress of travelling and enjoy myself before taking off.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

It’s important to dress comfortably when boarding a plane. Loose-fitting clothing allows for easy movement and helps you relax during your flight. Shoes should be well-fitted but also breathable, as being on the plane for extended periods can make feet swell, so it’s important to wear shoes that won’t become uncomfortable. Additionally, layers are always a good idea since air conditioning on planes can vary widely in temperature.

Stick Your Neck Out

Travelling is such an exciting experience, but one part before the journey begins can give some people pause – boarding a plane. To make sure your flight goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important to stick your neck out before boarding a plane. This means ensuring you have all the necessary documents and paperwork for your trip, checking in online ahead of time, and double-checking that you have everything packed and ready to go. Doing these steps ahead of time will help ensure that your security screening process is a breeze and that your travel experience starts on the right foot.

Bring Your Bottle

Bringing your bottle onto a plane is now allowed by many airlines. This can be a great way to save money, as airline drinks and snacks are usually overpriced. It is important to ensure that the bottle you bring is within the size restrictions set by the airline and that it does not contain any liquids or gels that are restricted for air travel.

Disinfect Everything

Before boarding a plane, it is essential to ensure all surfaces and items are properly disinfected. This includes your carry-on items, the area around your seat, and any other characters you may come in contact with during the flight. To ensure maximum safety, it is recommended that passengers bring their disinfectant wipes or sprays to clean these areas before settling in. The airline staff should also take extra precautions by regularly sanitising the cabin with EPA-approved products.

Moisturise Like a Maniac

Before I board a plane, I always ensure I’ve moisturised my whole body to combat the dry air on the flight. My go-to strategy is to lather up with a thick moisturiser before heading to the airport and then reapply once I’m on the plane. This helps keep my skin hydrated and prevents it from becoming uncomfortably dry during the flight. I also bring an extra bottle of moisturiser in my carry-on bag just in case I need to apply an additional layer of moisture throughout the flight.

Get a Jump on Jet Lag

If you’re planning on travelling abroad, it’s important to get a jump on jet lag before you even board the plane. One of the best ways to do this is to start adjusting your sleeping and eating habits in the days leading up to your flight. A few nights before, I go to bed and wake up at times consistent with the new time zone. Additionally, adjust your diet to eat what would be considered meals in your destination country. Doing this will help ensure that your body can adapt more easily once you arrive at your destination.

Park Like a Pro

Travelling can be a stressful experience, but there are ways to make the whole process easier. One of the best tips is to park like a pro before boarding a plane. Finding parking at the airport can be time-consuming and expensive, but with some planning, it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of off-airport parking options offer convenience, discounted rates, and secure lots so you can have peace of mind while you’re away. Not only does this save you time and money, but it also helps reduce stress for your upcoming trip!

Understand Your Credit Card Protection

Before boarding a plane, it is important to understand your credit card protection. Knowing what protections your card offers can help you feel secure when making purchases overseas or in other countries. Credit cards usually provide coverage for theft and lost or damaged items, so it pays to review the terms of your card before setting off on a big trip. This way, you can rest assured that any potential issues will be taken care of if something goes wrong while you’re away.

Investigate Intelligent Insurance

When travelling by plane, it is important to investigate the intelligent insurance options available before boarding. Intelligent insurance can provide travellers additional protection in delays, cancellations or other unexpected issues. It is also beneficial for travellers to know what their current policy covers and any conditions that may apply so they can make an informed decision about whether additional coverage is necessary.


Being a smart and prepared traveller is essential for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable flying experience. Taking the time to complete these 25 tips will help you take the stress out of boarding a plane so that all you have to worry about is having an enjoyable flight. From packing liquids in a clear baggie to ensuring your passport is valid, this list of things to do before boarding a plane should help even the most frequent fliers stay on top of their game.

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