10 Reasons Patrick is a Terrible Friend to Spongebob

10 Reasons Patrick is a Terrible Friend to Spongebob

Patrick Star is a Psychotic

It’s hard to visualize the naively optimistic Spongebob without his stupid yet adorable best friend, Patrick. Most fans consider them inseparable, always obtaining each other into shenanigans yet never letting their shenanigans influence a long friendship.

Yet close examination exposes a disturbing dark side to the pink starfish. Hell, according to the Spongebob wiki, “He (Patrick) has a short temper and also is prone to demented tendencies if something troubles him.” Normally these propensities effect inadequate relying on Spongebob, that can find far better allies– below are ten times Patrick was a horrible pal to Spongebob!

10. Undermines Spongebob’s Examination and Brags About His Success

Episode: Driven to Tears

For all Spongebob’s positive qualities, he can not appear to master driving, perpetually enrolling in (and falling short) Mrs Smoke’s boating institution. Normally he takes it in stride; however, in this episode, Patrick plays a huge part in why Spongebob stops working, literally eating the notes Spongebob uses to examine.

If that weren’t negative sufficient, Patrick aces the exam after Spongebob fails, and rather than reassuring his absorbing close friend, Patrick rubs it in his face, flaunting around in his flight and bragging about his skills. The two make up by the end of the episode, but it’s still a low blow.

9. Tells Spongebob He’s Ugly

Episode: Something Scents

In this episode, Spongebob consumes a fragrant dish that gives him awful breath; however, doesn’t understand that’s why individuals start preventing him. Patrick, who can not hold scent due to lacking a nose, thinks that people have to be keeping their distance due to Spongebob’s ugliness.

Consider the adhering to the discussion, where Spongebob asks Patrick in scary “The length of time have I been ugly?” And also, Patrick reacts “As long as I can bear in mind.” Funny, certain, however severe.

8. Publicly Humiliates Spongebob

Episode: I’m With Foolish

Here, Spongebob intends to play stupid, so Patrick will certainly look smarter before his parents. However, the starfish family progressively escalates their adverse therapy of Spongebob. The sponge does not blow up but takes Patrick apart to ask him to ease up a reasonable request Patrick accepts.

However, after still being treated as a dummy, Spongebob lastly snaps and also leaves. Honestly, Patrick never really asks forgiveness; the episode ends with realizing the couple he assumed were his parents were just two random (equally unintelligent) starfish.

7. Makes Spongebob Raise Junior Alone

Episode: Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Here, Spongebob and also Patrick agree to look after an infant scallop, Junior, together. However, while Spongebob stays home and takes care of the baby, Patrick goes to “function”, then views tv when he gets residence, disregarding his guarantee to provide Spongebob with a break. Sponge patiently withstands several days of this before finally calling out Patrick, where it’s revealed that Patrick’s “work” is simply him enjoying tv at his very own home.

Whether or not Patrick understood he was duping Spongebob is open to question, but in any case, here’s an additional case where Patrick never really makes it as much as his good friend; their disagreement is interrupted by Junior practically falling out a home window. This unifies them to aid the scallop, yet easily stops Patrick from asking forgiveness or otherwise atoning.

6. Keeps an Unpleasant Image of Spongebob

Episode: The Secret Box

Spongebob is typically an upstanding resident, but even he has his doubtful moments. In this episode, he gets into Patrick’s home to glimpse at a “secret box” that Patrick claims deep, prohibited understanding.

Yes, that’s wrong, and Spongebob feels ashamed when Patrick (after getting up) discloses package only includes a string, not the humiliating Christmas-party image Spongebob fears. The thing is, after Sponge leaves, Patrick chuckles maniacally, exposing that drawing the series opens a secret compartment that does undoubtedly consist of the awkward photo.

I’m not stating Spongebob acted flawlessly. However, it’s not cool for Patrick to keep (and effectively exist concerning having) outrageous photos he knows his good friend would desire damaged.

5. Takes $100 from Spongebob

Episode: Sing a Tune of Patrick

As Spongebob and also Patrick is looking at comics, Patrick recalls creating a poem when (for physical education, certainly). Nevertheless, he swipes Spongebob’s comic money, $100, to pay the charge for mailing in his poem as well as having it developed into a track.

The track ends up being so terrible that the band tape-recording it dies, the entire community crowds against the hideous music, as well as Spongebob never obtains his refund.

4. Offers Spongebob a Black Eye

Episode: No Weenies Allowed

Here’s one more instance of Patrick screwing up an agreed-upon strategy. For Spongebob to go into the Salty Splatoon, he must look difficult, so Patrick promises to throw a battle. However, when sponge begins pre-fight smack-talking and calls Patrick tubby, Patrick (not understanding it’s just part of the act) punches Spongebob.

That’s wrong on so many levels. Initially, Spongebob didn’t do anything but adhere to the plan. Second, even if he was serious, you do not assault a person and provide a black eye for one pitiful disrespect (try it in real life and tell me exactly how prison food preferences).

3. Swipes Spongebob’s Donut, After that Makes Him Eat a Filthy One

Episode: The Donut of Pity

After a celebration at Spongebob’s, Patrick can’t recall the whole evening but takes a doughnut Spongebob (still unconscious) is holding. As Patrick arguments whether to eat it, Spongebob calls and claims he’ll be over soon. Panicking, Patrick tries concealing the treat in several gross locations, including his belly (he coughs it back up), his bathroom, as well as his pants.

At some point, Spongebob discloses that he had given the doughnut as an existing, so it’s alright if Patrick has it. Yet Patrick did not keep in mind that until after that, so he primarily still stole it. Also worse, he feeds Spongebob half the horrible doughnut– exactly how would certainly you respond if your close friend provided you with a vomit-covered pastry that had been in somebody’s pants and also toilet?

2. Tries Kidnapping Spongebob

Episode: Nature Pants

In this traditional episode from period 1, Spongebob decides to abandon culture and attempt living in the wild among the jellyfish. While his friends are naturally reluctant of this concept, many figures he’ll involve his detects ultimately (which he does).

Patrick is especially upset, which could be wonderful except he then attempts to snatch Spongebob, declaring “If I can’t have you as a friend … I’m gonna make you a prize!” He then continues to chase Spongebob, who directly escapes life entrapped in a trophy container.

1. Goes crazy For Not Getting an Existing

Episode: Valentine’s Day

Spongebob gives all his buddies numerous present for this vacation. However Patrick’s (a giant delicious chocolate balloon) is postponed, so Spongebob starts stalling. Patrick begins to assume Spongebob didn’t get him anything, which naturally makes him distressed. Not so not surprisingly, he then takes place a rampage, damaging tons of property and antagonizing random passerby before catching future murder sufferers.

The wiki explains exactly how close every person pertained to fatality right here, stating “as he’s about to kill every person, Sandy comes down with the delicious chocolate balloon”, which fortunately appeases Spongebob’s wrathful “pal”.

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